The campus recruitment is completed through the following steps:

Connecting to Company

  • The placement department sends placement invitation letters to the companies enclosing a brief summary of the courses available at Brainware University.
  • The accepting Company sends a brief company profile, job profile and details about campus recruitment drive to the Placement Office.
  • The company can visit the campus for a Pre-Placement Talk either before the selection processes or can combine it with the final recruitment.
  • On receiving the required information and documents, the Campus to Corporate (placement) office announces the requirements of the company, asking interested students to submit their resumes, which are then screened and handed over to the company.
  • A mutually convenient date is finalized for the selection process/ recruitment drive.

Placement Rules & Regulations for Students

  1. The role of the Campus to Corporate Cell is of a facilitator and counsellor for placement related activities. The Campus to Corporate Cell does not guarantee a job. Applying for a company or joining a company is entirely the decision of the student concerned.
  2. Campus placement is a facility provided for the students. Registration is not compulsory. Students not interested in placement are advised not to register for placement. Students who are not interested to avail placement assistance from the University are required to inform in writing to the Campus to Corporate Cell of their unwillingness to avail of the placement support services of the University.
  3. All students who expect to graduate (UG & PG) from the University by the end of the academic year 2018-2019 and are seeking employment may register (Placement Registration Form) for campus placements with this office. Placement registration is for one academic year only.
  4. The Campus to Corporate Cell assumes that every selected student will pass the medical test (if any) that may be conducted by the prospective employer.
  5. Students are expected to follow the University approved resume template for preparing their resumes. Students have to submit their resumes to the Campus to Corporate Cell within the stipulated time. During the campus recruitment programme, resumes cannot be altered. Students shall remain responsible for the resume that they submit to the Campus to Corporate Cell.


  1. Students who fail to clear dues to the University are not permitted to register for placement until they clear their dues.
  2. If any complaint is lodged against a student related to ragging and the student proves to be guilty then, the student will be debarred from the campus interviews.
  3. Students who are involved in any in-disciplinary activities will be debarred from the placement assistance.
  4. All students interested in campus placement must attend the pre-placement training programme organized by the University including aptitude, communication etc. Students failing to attend a minimum of 75% of pre placement, aptitude and communication classes and an average attendance of 75% in technical paper classes till the time of placement may be debarred from placement assistance support.


  1. Notice of the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) will be published well in advance in the “Notice” of the PLACEMENT section of STUDENTS’ Forum. It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices/updated information/ short listed names etc. in the students’ forum.
  2. Pre-placement talk (PPT) serve as means to clarify details regarding salary break-up, job profile, place of work, bond details (if any) etc. of the companies to enable students to be well-versed with all such details. Students who attend the pre-placement discussions will only be eligible for consideration in subsequent stages of the selection process.
  3. Students interested in a particular company, must attend its PPT without fail. If they fail to do so, they will be disallowed for that company and will be treated as absenteeism.
  4. Students must clarify details regarding salary break-up, job profile, place of work, bond details (if any) etc. with the companies during the PPT.
  5. If a student fails to attend the placement process after being eligible for a campus drive, he/she must inform the Campus to Corporate Cell at least 24 hours in advance through mail mentioning the reason.
  6. Students should maintain their ID card, original mark-sheets and sufficient number of photo copies of the same, along with copies of CVs, passport-size photographs, grade cards, certificates etc. The Campus to Corporate Cell will not be responsible for providing assistance to students in this regard.
  7. Students are expected to be punctual as per the notice and announcement as it makes good impression of themselves. Late comers may not be allowed to appear for the selection process.
  8. If a student has opted to take part in the recruitment process of a company the student should appear in all the stages/rounds conducted by the company according to his/her eligibility. In the event of a student being selected for a particular round and then not turning up for the same, the Campus to Corporate Cell may not allow the student to participate in any subsequent placement related activity. All decisions regarding this will be made by the Campus to Corporate Cell only.
  9. Students appearing for placement are expected to report at the time given and come well prepared by going through relevant literature such as the company website, company’s publicity material etc.
  10. Any student who obtains a job by his/her own effort needs to communicate the same to the placement committee for the purpose of alumni record keeping.


  1. Any interaction between the company and a student must take place through the Campus to Corporate Cell only.
  2. The Campus to Corporate Cell strictly enforces “one student, one job” offer policy. A student, once selected is required to accept the job offer of the company when the results are declared. Failure to join the job shall be viewed adversely unless the University is convinced of the causes.
  3. Student who get selected in a campus drive is also eligible to appear in the campus drives of their choice (except On Campus) until they get selected second time. In the event of second selection, he/she will not be allowed participation in further campus drives. In case of second selection student is advised to inform Campus to Corporate Cell in written of his/her choice of company.
  4. The responsibility of going through the offer letter and responding to necessities (such as submission of documents) lies entirely on the student. In case, offers are received directly by the student from the company, it will be obligatory of the student to inform the Campus to Corporate Cell in this regard.
  5. Students found cheating or misbehaving in the selection process (PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.
  6. Attendance is compulsory for all campus interviews. In case of absence due to unforeseen reasons, prior intimation mentioning the reason thereof should be sent to the Campus to Corporate Cell through e-mail. The selection of the students to be sent for an off-campus interview will be under the discretion of the Campus to Corporate Cell.
  7. Selected students will be allowed to appear for criteria-based organizations. Students are advised to abide by the final short listing done by the company. The companies will be entertaining queries from students which are aimed at clarifying job profile, compensation etc.
  8. Students are expected to follow dress code stipulated by the Campus to Corporate Cell. The Campus to Corporate Cell reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the selection process if the attire is found unsatisfactory.
    • For Boys: Shaven, neat and ironed clothes -Full sleeves shirt and formal pants, (Jeans & Khaki not allowed), well-groomed appearance, leather shoes and a tie.
    • For Girls: Neat and ironed clothes - Sari/ Business Suit/ Salwar- Kameez, Leather Sandals/Shoes, well- groomed appearance.
  9. Students are advised in their own interest not to do anything directly or indirectly which may create a poor impression about the University or any of its departments. Any student found disregarding the norms mentioned herein will be liable for disciplinary action.
  10. Students, unsuccessful in clearing 5 interviews must realize that they need to upgrade themselves as per industry standard for further interviews. In such case, they need to bring the clearance from the respective department to appear in further campus drive.
  11. The Campus to Corporate Cell reserves the right to override any of the above rules in special circumstances and use its discretion to act on matters not covered by the above rules.


  • Students should maintain discipline and display ethical behavior throughout the placement process. Any student violating the norms set by the company or any of his act defaming the University may result in deregistration of the student from the placement process.
  • Non-participation of any activity organized by the University in the interest of placement will be considered as an act of misconduct of student; if it is found that they are involved in such activities; such student/students can be debarred from placement assistance. The decision of the Campus to Corporate Cell will be final and binding in this regard.
  • Students found cheating or misbehaving in the selection process (PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.
  • Students who fail to register themselves online within the given time period as announced by the Campus to Corporate Cell will be treated as deregistered by Campus to Corporate Cell.
  • Students with less than 75% attendance in pre-placement classes and having average attendance of below 75% in all classes till the time of placement will not be allowed to take part in the pre-placement assessment tests conducted by the University.
  • Students not attending 2 consecutive interviews without valid written application mentioning therein specific reason for non-appearance will be deregistered from the placement process.
  • Subject to permission as above, a student can withdraw a maximum three times from the selection processes provided by the University. The moment he/she refuses to sit for the interview for the third time, he will be out of the Placement Process.


  • Deregistered students, if they so desire, may contact the respective department for further placement assistance under consideration by paying re-registration fees.
  • Decision on re-registration of a student shall be taken by the Campus to Corporate Cell in consultation with the relevant department of the university.

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