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Ethics is central to our research efforts, ensuring the highest level of credibility throughout the research process. The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) at Brainware University is committed to maintaining top ethical standards in all research and institutional activities. Its primary goal is to protect the rights, dignity, and well-being of everyone involved in biomedical research, while advocating for integrity, transparency, and adherence to ethical and regulatory guidelines. The IEC aims to cultivate a culture of integrity and accountability throughout the institution, ensuring that all research meets rigorous ethical standards.

The IEC is accountable for scrutinising and approving all proposed research proposals involving human subjects conducted within Brainware University. IEC carefully evaluates each proposal to ensure it meets ethical guidelines, including informed consent, confidentiality, and risk minimization. The committee, led by the Chairperson and comprising experts from various fields such as medicine, sciences, healthcare, social sciences, eminent scientists, legal experts, and laypersons, brings extensive experience to meticulously review research proposals and ethical considerations. The Brainware University Institutional Ethics Committee for Human Research (BWU-IECHR) is aiming to uphold the highest ethical standards and principles in research practices.


  • Regularly reviewing ongoing research projects to ensure they adhere to ethical standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Offering researchers and institutional staff guidance and assistance regarding ethical considerations and optimal practices in conducting research.
  • Investigating and resolving any claims of research misconduct or violations of ethical standards within the institution.
  • Partnering with regulatory agencies, funding organizations, and external stakeholders to advocate for ethical research practices and ensure adherence to applicable regulations and guidelines.

Institutional Ethical Committee Members.

Sl .No. Name Qualification with Specialization Current Organization Designation/Role of Member in Ethics Committee Affiliation of Member with Institute that has Constituted the Ethics Committee
1 Dr. Debidas Ghosh Ph.D (Physiology) VIDYASAGAR UNIVERSITY Chairperson No
2 Dr. Abhishek Jana Ph.D (Physiology) BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Member Secretary Yes
3 Dr. Sriparna De Ph.D (Biochemistry) BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Basic Medical Scientist Yes
4 Dr. Surajit Bose MDS & Ph.D.(Oral Premalignant condition and Medicinal plant) Kusum Devi Sunaderlal Dugar Jain Dental College And Hospital Basic Medical Scientist No
5 Dr. Gopeshwar Mukherjee MBBS, D.C.P., M.D.- Path., Ph. D. - Path. BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Clinician Yes
6 Ms. Nusrat Jahan Other (PHILOSOPHY) PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY Social Scientist No
7 Mr. Kaushik Banerjee LLB, (Master of Laws (LL.M.)) BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Legal Expert Yes
8 Ms. Anjana Saha BA (MSW) NGO Hridaypur Srija Lay Person No
9 Mr. Sangram Bhattacharyya BSc (Zoology) BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Other Supporting Staff Yes
10 Mr. Pratim Gupta BSc (Medical Technologist) BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Other Supporting Staff Yes
11 Mr. Kallal Das BSc (Radiography) BRAINWARE UNIVERSITY Other Supporting Staff Yes