Ministry of MSME, Government of India has recognized Brainware University as Host Institute to establish Business lncubation Centre in order to provide support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs.

Send us your business idea within 1000 words on any of the areas given below. Our experts would like to discuss with you in details if your idea is short listed.

Incubation Policy for Business Incubation 2019



Recycling of waste water from household Water Recycling Technologies...

Recycling of waste water from household Water Recycling Technologies Development of low water intensive seeds Renewable Energy, EVs & Green Transportation Encouragement of bio-fuel usage To control leakage in supply chain Alternatives of Plastic Management of E- waste management Cost effective technologies for potable water Agro Processing, Preserving & Packaging Development of medical devices and Environment friendly vehicles Agricultural Aids for Mechanization and boosting Yield Usage of crop residue Environment, Water, Sanitation, Waste & Recycling Management Technology & Devices for Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment of illness. Energy Efficiency & Automation for Industrial Manufacturing Infrastructure & Energy Efficient Housing Security, UAVs, Disaster Management & Defence



Please proceed as the steps given below:

Please proceed as the steps given below:

STEP 1: Go the website – https://innovate.mygov.in/ideas-2020/

STEP 2: Click on participate now, from where you’ll be directed to a login page where you have to register and login

STEP 3: Once you have logged in, a form appears which needs to be filled up in four stages viz., I. Personal details, II. Synopsis of the Idea Part I, III. Business Plan, IV. Preview and Submit. You have to fill up all the mandatory details to go to the next stages from 1st to 4th.

STEP 4: To choose Brainware University as your Incubator Center, go to “Choose your Incubator Centre” in the Personal Details page and select the following –

  • State – West Bengal
  • District – 24 Parganas North
  • Incubator Applied for – Brainware University

And then proceed as asked..

For further guidelines on the scheme, please visit


All details are provided in https://innovate.mygov.in/ideas-2020/

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