A strong intellectual property (IP) system in a country facilitates the development of trade and commerce, both at the domestic and international levels, and provides a competitive advantage. The Indian government has taken concrete steps to create a favourable environment for the creation and protection of intellectual property rights, as well as to strengthen IP administration in the country.


To develop a self-sustainable ecosystem where Intellectual Property stimulates creativity and innovation for the benefit of the society within Brainware University.


To ensure constant guidance and support to the researchers at Brainware University so that they can obtain IPRs for their inventions. At the same time to encourage and support for technology transfer as well as commercialisation within the IPR Policy framework of the university.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • To spread knowledge about IPR and provide direction.
  • To provide training for future developments including the filing of patents.
  • To conduct a novelty check on the stakeholders' IPs.
  • To motivate academics, researchers, and students to contribute patentable works.
IPR Cell Members
Sl. No.DesignationName
Chairperson - Vice ChancellorDr Sankar Gangopadhyay
Industry ExpertMr. N C Shashidhar
IP ExpertDr. Pradip K. Maji
Legal AdvisorJoydeep Dutta
Faculty MemberDr. Kaushik Banerjee

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