Research is the backbone of Education. Research helps educationists to recognize and benefit the opportunities for collaboration, sharing of knowledge, innovative practices and skills. Brainware University supports quality research with a broad range of subject areas and strong research environments.

BWU emphasises on immersing the prospective doctoral candidates actively into research practices with faculty guides, supplemented by course work that prepares them to reason and evaluate ideas and data across multi-disciplinary areas.

We select the best applicants to our research programmes. Successful applicants are expected to:

  • Have a good undergraduate degree.
  • Hold, or expect to achieve a good Master’s degree in the relevant subject.
  • Have a knack for delving deeper into areas of his study interest.

Doctoral Degree Awarding Departments

Our Doctoral degree awarding departments are:

  • Mathematics
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Computer Science

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