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SEED GRANT 2024-25

Principal Investigator Department Project Title Sanctioned Date Duration (Year) Grant No Sanctioned Amount (in Lacs)
Dr Angshuman Majumdar Electronics and Communication Engineering Renewable Energy Integration: Design and Installation of 150.15 KWp Solar Plant 03.06.2024 1 BWU/PRJ/SMG/23-24/004 42,04,200/-
Dr Debanjan Mukherjee Electrical Engineering Designing of grid connected photovoltaic (100.10 KWp) system for Institute Building 03.06.2024 1 BWU/PRJ/SMG/23-24/005 32,03,200/-
Dr Sandhimita Mondol Biotechnology Model Proposal: Solid Waste Management Practices at Academic Institutes 31.05.2024 1 BWU/PRJ/S MG/23- 24/003 3,50,000/-
Dr Debayan Bhowmik Mechanical Engineering Design and development of six-seater Golf cart 31.05.2024 1 BWU/PRJ/SMG/23-24/002 3,91,245/-

SEED GRANT 2023-24

Dr Anusuya Debnath Biotechnology Development of sustainable food packaging using Polylactic Acid(PLA)/Chitosan blend infused with Albizia Lebbeck bark extract 30.12.2023 1 BWU/PRJ/SMG/23-24/001 75,000

SEED GRANT 2022-23

Dr Prasenjit Mondal Pharmaceutical Technology Molecular docking and structure activity relationship study of the novel Schiff, mannich bases of Isatin derivatives as a potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents 23.03.2023 1.5 BWU/PRJ/SMG/22-23/004 1,00,000
Dr Vertika Rai Allied Health Science Department Non-Invasive Diagnostic System Based on Light for Detecting abnormal Oral health and High-Risk Lesions 09.03.2023 1.5 BWU/PRJ/SMG/22-23/002 50,300
Dr Sriparna De Allied Health Science Department Fabrication of physiological stimulus responsive hydrogel as an injectable scaffold for wound healing application 23.03.2023 1.5 BWU/PRJ/SMG/22-23/001 1,00,000
Dr Sayantan Ghosh Biotechnology Screening and Identification of Potent killing agent of Mycobacterium smegmatis 23.03.2023 1 BWU/PRJ/SMG/22-23/003 1,00,000