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MCA (Master of Computer Applications) : Course Details, Eligibility, Fees & Admission 2024

MCA or Master of Computer Applications is a 2 years programme at Brainware University, which is listed among the top MCA Universities in India. The applicants will find all admission-relevant information on this page including programme overview, syllabus outline, career options, as well as learning benefits. MCA course details concerning MCA course fees, MCA admission eligibility and MCA admission criteria are provided as well.

MCA (Master in Computer Applications) Programme Overview

MCA: Programme Overview

Welcome to Brainware University: Your Gateway to Excellence in MCA Education

Unlock the doors to a dynamic career in the world of technology with Brainware University's prestigious MCA course. As a leading institution in the field of higher education, we take pride in offering a Master of Computer Application (MCA) program that is designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

MCA Course: Empowering Minds for the Digital Age

Our MCA course is meticulously crafted to meet the evolving demands of the IT industry. With a robust curriculum and hands-on learning experiences, we ensure that our students are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

Master of Computer Application Course: Crafting Future Leaders in Technology

Embark on a journey of academic excellence with our Master of Computer Application course. Our distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and industry-relevant curriculum make Brainware University the preferred choice for those aspiring to become leaders in the field of computer applications.

MCA Subjects: A Comprehensive Curriculum Tailored for Success

Our MCA program covers a diverse range of subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares you for the challenges of the digital era. From programming languages to advanced software development, our curriculum is designed to foster both technical expertise and critical thinking skills.

MCA Admission 2024: Enroll Now for a Transformative Educational Experience

Gear up for success by securing your spot in the MCA program at Brainware University. The admission process for the year 2024 is now open, offering you the opportunity to join the ranks of the best and brightest minds in the field.

Best MCA University in India: Choose Excellence, Choose Brainware

When it comes to pursuing an MCA degree, choose nothing but the best. Brainware University stands as a beacon of excellence in MCA education, consistently recognized as the top choice for students seeking a transformative learning experience.

MCA Course Details: Unveiling the Blueprint for Success

Dive deep into the intricacies of our MCA course with comprehensive MCA course details. Explore the intricately designed curriculum that encompasses a diverse range of subjects, providing students with a holistic understanding of computer applications. From programming languages to advanced software development, our course details lay the foundation for a transformative educational journey.

MCA Scope: Unlocking Opportunities in the Digital Landscape

Embark on a journey where possibilities are limitless - discover the expansive MCA scope that awaits you. In an era driven by technology, the Master of Computer Application program opens doors to a myriad of career opportunities. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic digital landscape and carve out a successful path in the IT industry.

Master of Computer Application Course Details: Precision in Education

At Brainware University, we believe in the power of precision, and our Master of Computer Application course details reflect just that. Delve into a meticulously designed program that goes beyond the basics, offering an in-depth understanding of computer applications. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the details of our course, ensuring you receive a world-class education.

Master of Computer Application: Elevate Your Expertise

Elevate your expertise in the realm of computer applications with our Master of Computer Application program. Designed to empower students with advanced technical skills and a profound understanding of the field, our MCA program stands as a beacon for those aspiring to reach new heights in the world of technology.

Top Universities for MCA: Your Gateway to Excellence

Brainware University proudly stands among the top universities for MCA, offering a transformative educational experience. Join a community of like-minded individuals driven by a passion for technology and innovation. Our commitment to academic excellence and industry relevance sets us apart as one of the premier institutions for MCA education.

Top MCA Colleges in India: Setting the Standard for Quality Education

When it comes to quality education in computer applications, Brainware University is synonymous with excellence. Ranked among the top MCA colleges in India, our institution is committed to providing a world-class learning environment that prepares students for success in the competitive IT landscape.

Top MCA Colleges in Kolkata: Your Hub for Technological Advancement

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, Brainware University stands tall as one of the top MCA colleges. Nestled in the cultural capital, our institution combines academic rigour with a conducive learning atmosphere, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a top-notch MCA education in the heart of innovation and progress.

Embark on a journey of innovation and knowledge with Brainware University's MCA program. Join us and become a part of a community that is shaping the future of technology. Your success story begins here.

MCA (Master in Computer Applications) Syllabus (Outline)

MCA: Syllabus (Outline)

MCA Syllabus: Navigating the Path to Proficiency

Navigate the path to proficiency with our meticulously crafted MCA syllabus. Every subject and every module is thoughtfully curated to ensure that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills essential for success in the IT industry. Explore the roadmap to excellence with our comprehensive MCA syllabus.

The MCA syllabus will cover the following scopes of learning.

  • Fundamental of Computers & Emerging Technologies
  • Computer Architecture and Microprocessor
  • Object Oriented Programming Using Java
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Formal language and automata theory
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Principles of Programming using C

Semester wise Syllabus:

Semester I

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Interactive Web Designing
  • Computer Architecture and Microprocessor
  • Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
  • Professional Communication Lab
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Lab
  • Interactive Web Designing Lab
  • Computer Architecture and Microprocessor Lab

Semester II

  • Core Java and Advanced Java
  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Formal Language and Automata Theory
  • Data Communication & Computer Networks
  • Core Java and Advanced Java Lab
  • Advanced Operating Systems Lab
  • PHP with Laravel

Semester III

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering using UML
  • Cryptography & Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab
  • Project Management Lab
  • Minor Project
  • Industrial Training

Semester IV

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Applied Data Science
  • Internet of Things and Data Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Mobile Computing
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology and Applications
  • Natural Language Processing Lab
  • Applied Data Science Lab
  • Internet of Things and Data Analytics Lab
  • Deep Learning Lab
  • Major Project
  • Grand Viva
MCA (Master in Computer Applications) Eligibility Criteria

MCA: Programmes, Duration, Fees and Eligibility Criteria

Programmes :


Duration :

2 years

Fees (INR) :


Eligibility :

50% marks or equivalent grade in graduation with pass marks in Mathematics either in '10+2' examination or in graduation

MCA Course Duration: Accelerate Your Career in Just Three Years

Time is of the essence, and at Brainware University, we understand the value of your time and aspirations. Our MCA course is structured to be completed in just three years, ensuring that you can enter the workforce sooner and make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving tech industry.

MCA Course Fees: Quality Education at an Affordable Investment

Investing in your education should not be a burden. Brainware University is committed to providing quality education at an affordable cost. Explore our transparent fee structure and discover the unparalleled value that comes with our MCA program.

MCA Eligibility: Your Path to Excellence Starts Here

Seize the opportunity to join our MCA program by meeting the eligibility criteria set by Brainware University. We welcome aspiring minds with a passion for technology and a desire to excel in the realm of computer applications.

MCA (Master in Computer Applications) Career Options

MCA: Career Options

The Job opportunities for the MCA postgraduates include the following:

  • Data Scientist
  • Systems Admin
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Assistant
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Tester

The career prospects for MCA (Master of Computer Applications) students in the next five years are exceptionally promising, given the rapid evolution of the technology landscape. Here's an insight into the exciting opportunities that await MCA graduates:

1. Software Development and Engineering Roles:As technology continues to advance, the demand for skilled software developers and engineers is expected to soar. MCA graduates, with their comprehensive understanding of programming languages and software development methodologies, will find ample opportunities to contribute to innovative projects and solutions.

2. Data Science and Analytics:With the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making, MCA students specializing in data science and analytics will be in high demand. Organizations across various industries are actively seeking professionals who can analyze and derive meaningful insights from vast datasets, making MCA graduates valuable assets in this domain.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:The rise of AI and machine learning is reshaping industries, and MCA graduates with expertise in these fields will be at the forefront of technological innovation. Roles such as machine learning engineer, AI specialist, and data scientist are expected to be in high demand as businesses integrate intelligent systems into their operations.

4. Cybersecurity:As the digital landscape expands, so does the need for cybersecurity professionals. MCA graduates specializing in cybersecurity can play a crucial role in safeguarding organizations from cyber threats. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, the demand for skilled cybersecurity experts is projected to grow substantially.

5. Cloud Computing:The adoption of cloud computing is accelerating across industries. MCA graduates proficient in cloud technologies can explore opportunities as cloud architects, administrators, or consultants. Their expertise will be instrumental in helping businesses transition to and optimize cloud-based solutions.

6. Mobile App Development:The mobile app ecosystem is thriving, and MCA graduates with skills in mobile app development will be sought after. Whether working for established companies or as entrepreneurs, MCA professionals can create innovative mobile applications to meet the evolving needs of users.

7. IT Consultancy and Project Management:MCA graduates equipped with strong problem-solving skills and business acumen can pursue roles in IT consultancy and project management. They can guide organizations in implementing technology solutions, managing projects efficiently, and ensuring successful outcomes.

8. Entrepreneurship:The entrepreneurial landscape is ripe for MCA graduates with innovative ideas. Starting their own technology ventures, developing niche software solutions, or launching tech-based startups are avenues that offer MCA professionals the chance to make a significant impact and shape the industry's future.

The next five years hold immense potential for MCA graduates, presenting a diverse range of opportunities across emerging technologies. Continuous learning and adaptability will be key as the tech industry evolves, making MCA professionals well-positioned for dynamic and fulfilling careers.

MCA (Master in Computer Applications) Learning Features

MCA: Learning Features

Brainware University being one of the top best btech colleges in kolkata, offers a MCA (Master of Computer Application). Students will experience the following learning benefits.

  • Industrial Training on DevOps Methodologies & Implementation Techniques
  • Industrial Training on IoT Analytics Applications with Machine Learning
  • Industrial Training on Mobile Application development using ANDROID
  • Industrial Training on NodeJS with Express Framework
  • Industrial Training on Angular Web Framework
  • Industrial Training on PHP
  • Value Added Course on Machine Learning
  • Value Added Course on Web Development - Full Stack
  • Value Added Course on Advance Java (Spring, Hibernate)
  • Value Added Course on PHP Programming, MySQL with CodeIgniterframework
  • IEEE Student Branch (STB11544)
  • Institutional membership with Computer Society of India (CSI)
 Admission Procedure

MCA : Admission 2024

Please follow the given Admission Procedure:

  1. Apply/ Fill up the above enquiry form.
  2. Put in Your Name
  3. Select a MCA from course drop down menu
  4. Choose Your Location
  5. Provide a valid Phone number and Email ID
  6. Our Admission Counsellor will contact you.
  7. For Live Counselling - Call Us : 70444 47723
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Departmental Achievements

Brainware University's Departments: Shaping Careers and Driving Innovations

Brainware University stands as a beacon of educational excellence, with its various departments consistently achieving remarkable milestones. Here's a glimpse into the impactful achievements of some key departments:

1. Empowering Futures: 'Career Counselling' Session:

The university recently hosted a dynamic 'Career Counselling' session, featuring esteemed speakers Jayanta Kumar Das, Associate Director at Cognizant, and Mr. Biplab Pal, VP and R&D at CodeClouds. The session provided students with valuable insights into industry trends, career pathways, and the evolving landscape of technology. By connecting students with industry leaders, Brainware University ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to embark on successful careers.

2. MoU Signing with EDP Software:

Brainware University took a significant step towards enhancing career prospects for BCA and MCA students through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EDP Software. The event featured speakers Jaydip Mukherjee, CEO and Co-Founder of EDP Software, and Mayan Bindal, Founder and CEO of EC Wheels and Director for EDP Software. This collaboration opens up exciting career avenues, providing students with real-world exposure and opportunities.

3. International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computing:

The department organized a prestigious International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computing, featuring a stellar lineup of speakers. Mr. Bidyut Mitra (Head of OSS Analytics, Ericsson), Mr. Luca Commodi (Head of Orchestration and Fulfillment, Ericsson), Mr. Sounak Dey (Scientist, TCS Research & Innovation), and Mr. Sylvano Idaria (Senior Lead Solution Architect, Ericsson) shared their insights. This conference not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also strengthened the university's global academic network.

4. Revolutionizing Kolkata's Roads with Snap-E Cabs:

The Computer Science and Systems (CSS) department at Brainware University is making a tangible impact on the local community. In collaboration with EC Wheels, Snap-E cabs have been introduced as electric alternatives to traditional app cab services. This initiative aims to address common challenges such as ride cancellations and surging charges, providing a sustainable and efficient transportation solution for the public.

Brainware University's commitment to excellence is reflected in the achievements of its various departments. Through strategic partnerships, industry collaborations, and innovative initiatives, the university ensures that its students not only receive a top-notch education but also gain practical insights and experiences that empower them for success in their careers and contribute positively to society.

Brainware Awards & Ranking

Brainware Awards & Ranking



  • Ministry of Education, Innovation Cell, GOI : 4 Stars Rating in our efforts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • IIRF Ranking 2023 : No. 1 Technical Private University in West Bengal


  • ABP Ananda : Ananda Sikhha Samman
  • Zee 24 Ghanta : Education Excellence 2023
  • Times Business Awards : West Bengal 2023
  • News 18 Bangla : Education Eminence 2023
Brainware Placement Highlights

Brainware Placement Highlights

98% Placed in 2023

500+ Recruiters

36 LPA Highest CTC offered

116 Companies

244 Campus Drives

3.5+ Average Package



Srabani Sarkar

Brainware University takes the educational purpose to heart. From professors to placement department, everyone will support you and lead you on the path to your degree with utmost dedication.

Srabani SarkarMCA
Riya Sethi

Our college is certainly expanding the experience and knowledge which is helping me to boost my confidence.

Riya SethiMCA
Placement Excellence

Brainware Placement Excellence

Our students achieving milestones, bringing brilliance and kick starting their careers over the years

Soumyadip Dey
Soumyadip Dey MCA

Impledge Technologies

Souvik Sarkar
Souvik Sarkar MCA

Geo TechInfo

Suman Acharyya
Suman Acharyya MCA

Logic Square Technologies

Biswajit Saha
Biswajit Saha MCA


Papan Paul
Papan Paul MCA

ICRA Analytics Limited

Ramprasad Khan
Ramprasad Khan MCA

ARC Document Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Riju Bhattacherjee
Riju Bhattacherjee MCA

ARC Document Solutions

Sabyasachi Sanki
Sabyasachi Sanki MCA

Nihilent Ltd

Recruiters Speak

Recruiters Speak


"Brainware students are professionally and technically well-informed as freshers. We are impressed with the level of confidence and positive attitude they demonstrated during their interviews."

Mr. Vaskar Bhattacharya Regional Head-East, Ginnisystems Ltd.

We always find competent and positive students who are almost ready to be professionals. We never get disappointed wherever we come for the recruitment. Well done Brainware University!

Ms. Srimoyee Mukherjee Manager HR Nature Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
MCA (Master in Computer Applications) Recruiters

Our Major Recruiters


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the career prospects after completing an MCA degree?

After completing an MCA degree, one can pursue a career as a software developer, software engineer, system analyst, database administrator, network administrator, web developer, and many more.

What is the average salary of an MCA graduate?

The average salary of an MCA graduate varies depending on the job profile, company, and location. However, it can range from 3 to 6 lakhs per annum.

Is it necessary to have a background in computer science to pursue an MCA degree?

No, it is not necessary to have a background in computer science to pursue an MCA degree. However, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of programming languages and computer applications and Mathematics either in 10+2 or in graduation.

Should I pursue mca or mtech computer science after completing btech cse?

MCA is a specialized postgraduate program that focuses on computer applications, programming, software development, and other related areas. It is a good option if you want to pursue a career in software development, programming, and application development. On the other hand, MTech in Computer Science is a more technical and research-oriented program that focuses on advanced topics in computer science, such as algorithms, computer networks, data structures, artificial intelligence, and other areas. It is a good option if you want to pursue a career in research and development, academic teaching, or technical roles in the industry.