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Issue - 9

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September - 2017

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August 26, 2017 was a special day, for not only the students, but also the faculty. On that day, different factions of Brainware University came together, to welcome the newbies of the Brainware family—the first year students of the various branches of Computer Science and Management Departments. The Freshers' Welcome took place at Rabindra Bhavan, Barasat, and true to the expectations of everybody, it turned out to be a huge success. From the time of its inception to the closing ceremony, the six-hour long program held everybody spellbound. The songs, dances, dance-drama, stand-up comedy shows, and the performance of the bands were all very impressive, not to mention the anchors who with their pretty trifles and jibes at each other entertained everyone. Most importantly, it was a day of well-mannered frivolity, and the students did not disappoint. They were enthusiastic, yes, but at the same time, they were disciplined in their conduct. The Fresher's Welcome is meant to alleviate the apprehensions of the new students regarding their new academic environment. The seniors showed magnanimity in welcoming them with open arms—right from entertaining them with their performances to sharing meal with them. Greetings were exchanged, introductions were made, selfies and pictures were clicked, and after the program was over, everybody could leave with a memory that would be forever forged in their minds.


A Day for the Teachers

On September 5, 2017, the students of Brainware University, Barasat campus celebrated Teacher’s Day, to pay homage to their teachers who work relentlessly every day to prepare them for what lies beyond the boundaries of their university. The students from every department of the university organized short cultural programs for the entertainment of their beloved teachers. Cakes were cut, and balloons blown, and it was an experience for the teachers that they will remember forever.

Workshop on Developing Dynamic Web Applications using PHP & MySQL

A Three-Day Workshop was organized from September 21, 2017 to September 23, 2017 by the Computer Science Department of Brainware University, in association with Oracle Academy, on the topic: Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using PHP & MySQL. The Program was conducted by the Industry-Institute Collaboration Cell. It was a paid workshop covering areas such as Working Process of PHP, Installation and configuration of PHP, Introduction to MySQL and many more.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Having recognized the emotional, mental and psychological transformations that students of this age group undergo, Brainware University conducts sessions where students are counselled by an expert psychologist. In these sessions they get an opportunity to open up their minds to the expert psychologist and counsellor and speak freely about their fears and apprehensions, so that they can finally come out of their personal confinements.

Highlights of the month

Beyond Theorizing Knowledge

Yes, there is a life beyond the campus of Brainware, a world where the students will be ushered in after finishing their courses. They must know that only accumulating knowledge by reading books and rote-learning answers won't serve them well in a competitive market. In this section, the focus will be on some world-class laboratories that Brainware possesses, where the students learn the practical application of their knowledge.

Language Lab

Brainware has a Language Lab, equipped with latest machines, headphones with speakers, as well as an improved software to facilitate communication. In this lab, the students interact with their teachers in an uninhibited environment, and where lessons on the mediums of communication are imparted via examples taken from every wake of life. The oral and aural learning is benefited by the improved technology, and students also enjoy these activity-oriented sessions.

Computer Science Practical Hub

Along with a college of highly qualified faculty members, Brainware University offers students the opportunity to understand the industry standards better by allowing them to practically experience all the minute details of their curriculum in our labs. We have a wide array of the most modern, state of the art and industry equivalent labs where our students practice their skills. The Advanced Networking and Virtualization Lab and the Computer Architecture Lab is where Computer Science and Computer Application students learn the basics of computing, networking, chips and drives with their very own hands. The Basic and Advanced Software Labs allow them to understand and practically get familiarized with the art of coding and software programming.

Students Corner

Sarodia Subhecha

With the advent of the festive spirit, let us take this golden opportunity to extend our heartiest good wishes to all students, staff members and well wishers of Brainware University. While everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the benevolent goddess, our students have tried to capture the mood of nostalgia through a small video which focuses upon the enthusiasm before the final countdown. This is indeed a special time for all, especially our outstation candidates who wait for a chance to return home to their families. With everyone busy in their final preparations to usher in the season of festivity, let us pray that the blessings of Goddess Durga are showered on all.

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