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November - 2017

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Way to Boardroom

This title is a collection of inspirational journeys undertaken by students about their path to boardrooms. Students go on a journey to adopt the life of a business executive. Real life examples will be quoted to the aspirants to show what they can achieve, give them a taste for business and link the work they do in the classroom to future success in the real world.

Brainware congratulates Debapriya Das (MBA - HR 2015 – 2017), for getting selected for HR Compliance job profile of Voltas Ltd. Kolkata.

"Students have been given adequate Knowledge. However, practical exposure required for any student to stand out. I have found students of Brainware have a rich blend of creativity, discipline, knowledge and temperament. Our best wishes to all the students."
Mr. Harchand Singh
North Head – HR Compliance,
Domestic Project Group
Voltas Ltd.

Way to Boardroom (Becoming Employable) – Introduction of M-Lab @ Brainware University

Right knowledge with right skill set applied with right attitude will make a student land up a right job with right company. This is how at Brainware University we develop students. Objective is to make a student job ready and a smooth transition from Classroom to Boardroom happens. In this line, Department of Management and Commerce - Brainware University introduced “M-Lab (Management Lab)”.
In M-Lab students will be exposed to different academic and live industry projects. Here they will learn how to apply the classroom learning in the workplace. They will perform research and understand the market first hand. Both qualitative and quantitative research will be initiated in which both Faculties and Students gain insight from the industry and for the industry.
It has been observed while talking to different employers from different industry, that they require specific skills when they recruit. Among different skills which are looked upon into a prospective employee, important is relevant knowledge. This includes knowledge on both academic and industry. In addition, the interviewee needs to showcase individual abilities towards, teamwork, problem solving, work ethic and integrity. M-Lab is ready to bridge the gap to make students move from classroom to boardroom.

Learn by Doing in Action:

This section of the Newsletter aims in demonstrating experientially how action models can be used to highlight particular themes, ongoing interactional patterns of behavior and communication. This helps us to gain insight through experience. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate and experience:
(1) The different ways of asking for something (pleading, whining, demanding, whimpering, begging, questioning, threatening, shouting, crying);
(2) The different ways of refusing, rejecting, denying (firmly, softly, loudly, angrily),
(3) The importance of releasing emotions,
(4) The importance of staying with feelings and
(5) the importance of congruent communications.


It is often said that a good salesman can sell a refrigerator to an eskimo. Selling is an art. The approach of selling depends a lot on the salesperson, the product and the situation. Management is such a subject the complete knowledge of which can’t be accomplished only through theoretical teaching and this is specially applicable for the specialization ‘marketing’. To give the students a hand-on experience of the marketing process and the pros and cons of it, we decided to send the students to the practical field.
An interview session with a Malai ‘Kulfi’ vendor, Mr. Mahadev Das. He sells Kulfi at Barasat Bus Stand, Champadali More, Barasat. Mr. Das sells kulfi with an aggressive selling strategy and his target of an average of 520 kulfi is achieved almost everyday. He has been doing this for the last 30 years with an aspiration to build a better future for his children. Though Mr. Das is not so educated on pen-and-paper but he had mastered the art of selling through his experience. The mode of marketing involved here is ‘Direct Marketing’. His local product has to compete with brands like Amul Kulfi, but he points out the ‘local taste’ of his Kulfi which suits the culture of the local people and is the best thing to quench the thirst for something cool and tasty in the hot and humid condition. As an intelligent and smart salesperson, Mahadev Das, very well judge the consumer behavior- their attitude and personality. He try to fulfill the ‘desire of them’ by his jugglery of words and this he has learnt with his experience and wisdom. Another part of his successful marketing ability is the quality of salesperson that we teach in class. He is very witty, hardworking(rather smartworking) and bears an ever-smiling face which actually pleasures the customer. Also another very important quality in him is that he is very energetic and vibrant. Wherever he is present, he spreads a positive energy. This combination of skills and qualities makes him a successful salesperson at the end of the day and he has been maintaining his performance over the years.
This is something very practical and cannot be detailed only by a lecture session. The project was undertaken by B.Com 1st Year students- Aashish Ranjan, Rohit Prasad, Ankit and Rajesh under the guidance of Mr. Amit Kumar Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Brainware University.

Exploring the Unexplored:

The good thing about the state of West Bengal is until today it holds the eminent shadows of the old Zamindari system, the British rule, and the culture in Bengal through its food, trade, graffiti, architecture, etc. West Bengal serves as home to many talented artisans in India. The state has a unique specialization in many forms of craft. Putul, as the Bengali dolls are popularly called, are a craze in the European market. Shaped out of clay, painted in vibrant colors and baked in a kiln, they represent the rural Bengal.

Our Heritage

Dolls and other toys made of clay can check the curse of unemployment and poverty in our country to some extent.It can also raise the standard of living among people of very low income group with the help of cottage industry. Different excavations in Mohan-Jo-Daro and recently that of Chandraketugarh at Berachampa bear the apt testimony of this heritage. We should try to protect and promote this industry now sunk into oblivion. In an interview with some of such people the other day it was evident that they earn their daily livelihood by the sweat of their brow.It is very alarming that clay pots and articles are gradually losing their demands being replaced by more improvised articles.We should come forward by holding bright chance to these impoverished people by patronising the market of their articles.

Clay pottery is an ancient craft in India. The art of Clay Pottery grew along with the Civilization. Thus, the history of clay pottery is as old as the history of human civilization.Pottery has a unique tempting appeal. Its association with religion and usage in religious ceremonies has given a deeper significance and a wider dimension.

The traditional folk art of Indian Clay Pottery, particularly of Bengal, is considered exceptional and best in the world. It reflects the fusion of Social and religions conditions prevalent during the contemporary period when they were made.The traditional potters had been working on their wheels and had been turning out numerous items of clay products to cater to domestic and religious needs of the community. There has not been much change in the techniques, but they have been able to satisfy the growing needs of the people and enjoyed a very respectable place in the village community. Pottery produced by the potters is considered as the document of religious culture and the history of art and is called the lyric of handicrafts because of its irresistible and universal appeal.


Brainware University would like to congratulate Chandan Karmokar, Sanjoy Paul and Akash Biswas for coming out on top in the college leg of the ICICIdirect Stockmind game; the perfect admixture of intellect and street-smartness. Their portfolio values are respectively 1,642,472, 1,504,304 and 1,503,483. They will now represent Brainware University in the National Round where they will be battling out for the podium finish. We congratulate the trio on their achievement and encourage them to take it a step further in the finals.

Engaging with Society:

Brainware University inspires students to develop community cohesion through social action. The world needs people who understand it and want to shape it for everyone’s benefit. In this direction, BWU took two initiatives, like (1) Eradicate the use of plastic, (2) Donation for North Bengal Flood Victims .

Eradicate the use of plastic

Students of Brainware University marched on the roads of Barasat Town to create an awareness and educate the citizens to improve our community, and committed to taking steps of making it a plastic free society.
Brainware Group of Institutions, situated in the lap of nature, has always been active in voicing its concern for the environment. Keeping in mind the adverse effects of plastic bags and the detrimental threats they pose, Brainware Group of Institutions had organized a National Service Scheme campaign on 26th of August, 2017. We recognize the fact that plastic is an environmental hazard that has grown at an alarming proportion. The primary aim of this noble initiative was to spread social awareness that banning the use of plastic bags is essential to maintain balance in nature. The students of the Engineering College, under the supervision of the faculty members, marched from Kazipara to Champadali with banners and placards showcasing the acute necessity to stop the use of plastic. They distributed ecofriendly bags to promote the idea. This was one of the many efforts undertaken by Brainware Group of Institutions to build a healthy environment by engaging one and all.

Donation for North Bengal Flood Victims

Giving back to the society is something that Brainware University has always considered as its prime objective. So when the northern and north-eastern part of West Bengal was reeling under extensive flooding that led to the displacement of about 2 lakh people and the death of many others, the students from the Department of Computer Sciences and the Department of Commerce and Management campaigned and collected money that were donated to the Uttarbanga Flood Relief Fund with a view to stand by all those who were affected by this disaster. The response was overwhelming with both students and staff contributing to this noble cause with open arms. Brainware University made it a point to do that little bit that would give hope and help all those people look onto the future and restore their lives once this calamity subsides.
Employees, staff and students of Brainware University displayed their humble gesture by donating money to the flood affected victims of North Bengal.

Campus Events:

Campus Events provides a balanced and diverse range of events that engages students and fosters an inclusive campus culture at Brainware University.

Orientation Day, August 8, 2017

Orientation Day is information packed day where newly arrived students will receive information specific to each student’s faculty and department, and is a great way to prepare you for your academic career as well as meet professors and peers in your program. It is an opportunity to make new friends, see what services and supports are available, get acquainted with your College community. It is free and mandatory for all new under graduate / post – graduate students.

Fresher’s Day, August 26, 2017

August 26 was marked as a memorable day in the life of every fresher. It is an event for which every student eagerly awaits from the time of their admissions. As Fresher party is one of the best moment in every student’s life, memories to be captured & remembered for rest of your life and start new face of your life with a smile.

Teacher’s Day, September 5, 2017

Given the importance of Gurus in Indian culture, Teachers Day is a widely celebrated occasion in India. Students of Brainware University celebrated Teacher’s Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day began with surprises for all the faculty members and spread an aura and energy of happiness and smiles in the campus. Students presented gifts to their teachers and made their day special and memorable. The celebration ended with refreshments for all teachers. Teachers carried home life long memories.

Seminar, September 9, 2017

“Finance is the key when you about strategy, because what are we all about? It’s about creating shareholder value.” Today finance professionals assume a broad range of responsibilities. The seminar titled “Career Scope of Management Graduates in Commodity Exchange” aimed at career opportunities in commodity markets like thinking of a career in commodity markets, different avenues to develop a career in commodity markets, the skill sets required for a career in commodities and the future growth prospects for commodity markets in India.

Accomplishment ( November, 2017 )

Shyama Karmakar of the MBA department of Brainware University has secured an Elite certificate on completion of her NPTEL course E-Business. Her marks in the final proctored exam led her to be within the top 5% in the entire country in terms of student ranking according to marks. We congratulate Shyama on her accomplishment and wish her the very best for all her future endeavours. Brainware University has always encouraged learning outside the said and written syllabi and we urge Shyama to continue the good work while hoping that her example will inspire numerous other students who are eager to make a mark. The sky is the limit!

Congratulations ( November, 2017 )

Hard work, discipline and determination was the name of the game as 3rd sem MBA students, Bidyut Ghosh, Pritam Kundu, Souvik Saha, Biplab Maity and Animesh Kundu of Brainware Group of Institutions and Jenna Mondal of Brainware University successfully cracked the Just Dial Company recruitment drive and got placed in their home centers. We congratulate them and wish them the very best for their careers and their futures. And while there is limit to self-preservation and evaluation, it is undoubtedly party time for them as they bask in the glory of their achievement. The sky is the limit for them!

OUT OF BOX ( October 2017 )

A seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship: Scope, Assistance and Global Certifications’ was conducted by Brainware University in collaboration with the Wadhwani Foundation (Entreneurship Network) educating the students and advising them on the various details, ideas and opinions about creating their own enterprise in the future. The topics covered were risks, innovation, investments etc. that are essential in constructing start-ups.


Brainware University and NPTEL: The journey continues

Starting on the 17th of November, 2017, Brainware University has organized a 3-day seminar on NPTEL. With over 350 students enrolling in the program last term, Brainware University is one of the most active participants in this project as students are encouraged to take up courses from a diverse curriculum and enrich themselves further. The seminar saw both the faculty members and the ex-participants educate and encourage the students about the various advantages of the programme and we hope that this awareness campaign will provide motivation to them to take up the courses of their interest in an attempt to make themselves versatile and more knowledgeable.

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