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Issue - 13

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January - 2018

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Cover Story

A Step towards Securing Information

In today’s world, where every day new technology is introduced to mankind, in the hands of a wrong individual or organization, it may turn fatal. For national security, it is essential that the defence sector must have adequate measures to prevent any information theft, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection and destruction of information. Also, the large corporate houses and IT companies seek to protect valuable information concerning their assets, internal policies, liabilities, resources etc. Maintining the privacy of an individual or an organization is crucial in a time when cyber security has become a matter of primary importance. In order to address the issues concerning Information Security, Brainware University organized a one-day seminar on “Contemporary Issues in the Area of Information Security,” on January 24, 2018, at Barasat campus. The seminar, which was attended by the faculty members of Brainware University, began at 11 a.m. Mr. Sinchan Banerjee of The Linde Group was the guest speaker, who talked about various aspects of Information Security, and provided important information on the current trends in this area, as well as new methods employed by hackers, terrorists etc. to extract information wrongfully. The seminar was a stepping stone towards achieving a bigger dream for the university, that of establishing an academic department of Information security in near future.

Campus news

National Youth Day Celebration

On January 12, 2018, Brainware University celebrated National Youth day, which also marks the birth anniversary of the great Hindu monk, Swami Vivekananda. The teachers gathered to commemorate the great youth icon, and remembered his teachings that are still relevant and valid for the youth today.

NPTEL Seminar

On January 27, 2018, an NPTEL seminar was organized as a joint collaborative by Brainware University and Brainware Group of Institution, to decide on the future of NPTEL courses in these institutions. Awards were given to the teachers who have been exceptional in guiding the students in this field. New resolutions were taken for the smooth operation of the next session.

Beginning of a New Semester

The undergraduate and post-graduate students of Brainware University are going to resume their academic journeys from February 1, 2018, for the new semester. After a gruelling two weeks of examination they are all set now to resume their lessons.

Highlight of the Month

Seminar on Cloud Computing and Internet Technologies

A one-day seminar was organized by Brainware University at its Barasat campus on “Cloud Computing and Internet Technologies,” on January 13, 2018, for the students visiting from Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong. The seminar was a step towards strengthening the ties between the two universities. The students were given several valuable insights about the phenomena associated with this subject. The students of Martin Luther University were indeed fortunate to have been exposed to this venture by Brainware University. In future, we hope that our students will get opportunities to be a part of such endeavours.

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