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Issue - 22

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February - 2019

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Cover Story

Recent Advances in Informatics, Communication, Management, Health & Applied Sciences

Brainware University has recently conducted a three-day international conference on Recent Advances in Informatics, Communication, Management, Health & Applied Sciences- RAICMHAS, in its Barasat campus from 2nd-4th of February, 2019. The conference has been conducted in partnership with Lincoln University College, Malaysia and technically sponsored by CS1, Kolkata Chapter.

The main objectives of the international conference are-to disseminate innovative technical ideas and features to be incorporated in day-to day life for the benefit of greater society, to bring together academicians, researchers, and students on a common platform for exchange of scientific ideas and related findings, and to foster learning in a multi-disciplinary environment, specifically, in the areas of Informatics, Communication, Management, Health and Applied Sciences.

With huge response from high numbers of enthusiastic participants, the conference concludes with a great success. It is imperative that quality work can evolve through collaboration with expert knowledge in different domains.

Honorable Speakers:

  1. "Modeling Issues and Algorithmic Efficiency of Emergency Planning Flow Problems" - Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala, Trivuban University
  2. "Opportunities and Challenges of IPR in India" - Dr. Mahuya Hom Choudhury
  3. "Machine Learning For Computer Vision" - Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee, Indian Statistical Institute
  4. "On Chip Integrable Terahertz Detector for Biomedical Application" - Dr. Amit Banerjee, Scientist, National University of Singapore
  5. "Emerging Domains in Informatics with Applications" - Prof. Anupam Basu
  6. "Design and Development of THz Impatt Diodes" - Dr. Arindam Biswas
  7. "Oral & Esophageal Cancer in North East India Continues in Epidemic Proportion: Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks and Its Early Detection" - Prof. Anupam Chatterjee
  8. "Rural Biotechnology - An Approach for Upliftment of Rural Economy" - Prof. Anupam Chatterjee
  9. "Rising NPA, Banking Crisis and Growth Impact" - Dr. Nihar Ranjan Samal
  10. "Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial and Anti-Oxidant Compounds from Indian Spices" - Dr. Amit Krishna De, Indian Science Congress Association
  11. "Keystroke Dynamics: User Identification and Authentication" - Prof. Utpal Roy, Dept. of Computer & System Sciences, Siksha Bhavan, Viswa Bharati Association
  12. "Understating the Genotype - Phenotypic Heterogeneity of Thalassemia Syndrome" - Prof. Anupam Basu
  13. "CFD Techniques in Turbomachinery" - Dr. Rayapati Subbarao
  14. "An Improvised Concept for Predictive Cardio-Toxicity Study" - Prof. Sanmoy Karmakar
  15. "GST and Impact on Indian Economy" - Prof. (Dr.) B.C.M. Patnaik
  16. "Next Generation Sequencing for Rare Disease and Cancer." - Dr. Santasree Banerjee

Campus news

Book Exhibition cum Sale

As Ernest Hemingway expressed once, “There is no friend as loyal as a book”, Brainware University also believes in cherishing this friendship breaking every boundary. With this confidence, the university organized a two-day book exhibition-cum-sale on 2nd and 4th February, 2019 in its Barasat campus. The major participants were- U.N. Dhur, PHI, S. Chand, New Aryan, Pearson, TMH, Penguin and Sathi Banerjee.
The three key objectives of the book exhibition are-

  • Bring different kinds of book under one roof.
  • Stimulate the habit of reading and knowledge sharing.
  • Encourage generation of readers and researchers to delve deep into the world of book.

The inauguration ceremony was commenced at 11.00 am on 2nd February through light kindling ritual by our honorable Chancellor, Mr. Phalguni Mookhopadhayay, in presence of -

  • Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey, Vice-Chancellor, Brainware University (BWU).
  • Ms. Mahua Pal, Registrar, BWU.
  • Dr. Subhasis Banerjee, Principal, Brainware Group of Institutions (BGI)(Guest)
  • Dr. Sharmistha Ghosh, Dean, Dept. of Basic & Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Dilip Debnath, Dean, Dept. of Engineering.
  • Dr. Manas Bhowmik, HoD, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Ms. Bandana Basu, Librarian, (BWU)
  • Mr. Biplab Kumar Chandra, Asst. Librarian, (BWU)
  • Mr. Sujon Bandhu Chakraborty, Asst. Librarian, BGI, (Guest)

Other teaching and non-teaching staffs along with enthusiastic students also graced the occasion with their kind presence. The organizing body of the book fair was the Central Library of Brainware University. Mr. Partha Sarkar, Library Assistant of BWU acted as the operational manager to the ELS participants while Library Assistant, Mr. Sayan Sarkar acted as the Student Relationship Manager. A wide variety of books including textbooks, fiction, and non-fiction were offered in book stalls. The books were available in English, Bengali, and Hindi languages as well. The entire event ended in a happy note bringing smile into the face of our satisfied customers as well as passionate book lovers.

Tuning Students to the Corporate Way

Tuning Students to the Corporate Way is an initiative taken by Brainware University with two key objectives -

  • Bridging the gap between Aspirants & Opportunities.
  • Provide personal and career related support to the students with special emphasis on training the students on employability skills.

The organizing body of the Tuning Students to the corporate way, 2019 was the Central Library of Brainware University with the Training and placement Dept. of Brainware University.

The Programme was inaugurated on 12th February, 2019 at 10.00 am by the Honorable Principal of Brainware Group of Institutions, Sabita Devi Education Trust, Dr. Subhasis Banerjee through lamp kindling ceremony in the presence of the Honorable guest Mr. Sujan Bandhu Chakroborty the Asst. Librarian of Brainware Group of Institutions, Sabita Devi Education Trust; Dr. Sharmista Ghosh, Dean of Basic Science Department; Bandana Basu, Librarian , Brainware University Central Library; Biplab Kumar Chandra, Asst. Librarian , Brainware University Central Library and Mr. Siddhartha Ghosh, from Training and placement Dept. of Brainware Universty.

Mr. Biswajit Roy and Mr. Siddhartha Ghosh to serve the key objectives took classes to make students aware of the corporate nuances.

International Mother Tongue Day

Languages, full of complex implications for individuality, communication, social integration, education and development bear strategic importance for both people and planet. Every year International Mother Language Day is observed on 21st February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

To take pride in our mother tongue that teaches us to speak, to express, and to think, we, the entire family of Brainware University celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and passion. This year too, we organized a little event with active participation from our teachers and students.

The inaugural ceremony was commenced through light kindling ritual by our honorable Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey, and Registrar, Ms. Mahua Pal. Both our respected VC and Registrar then delivered a short speech signifying the importance of language and why we should celebrate this day. After that we held one minute condolence for all those brave-heart soldiers, recently martyred in Pulwama terror-attack in Kashmir.

Then began the main programme; students skillfully presented dance, drama, singing, and speech- all showing respect to their mother tongue. Every performance carried a message in its own to teach us why we should respect each language and remove the barriers lying among them.

The hour-long programme ended in a happy note through the presentation of two dramas, directed and performed by students. The message was- language is not just a medium for communication, but an emotion that binds us all together.

Highlight of the Month

Annual Sports Day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The old nursery rhyme is still relevant with the extra-curricular activities that we pursue in our university alongside the academic curricula. To give students a fresh air outside the monotonous everyday life, every year we arrange the sports day, the time when we celebrate enthusiasm, activity as well as greater unity.

This year too we have organized the sports day with full energy and passion to bring forward the talent of students in different types of outdoor sports. The Annual Sports day has taken place on 18th February, 2019 at the nearby Maitri Sangha Club Playground, 18/308, Kailash Nagar, Hridaypur, North 24 Parganas.

In presence of the university Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Subrata Kumar Dey and Registrar, Ms. Mahua Pal, the flag hoisting ceremony has been conducted around 10 A.M. in the morning. All the teaching and the non-teaching staffs have been present there to participate in the event and cheer up the players as well.

There were different types of games and activities- 100m run, 400m run, shot-put, tug of war, and many others. Winners in every category are rewarded with memento, certificate of appreciation, and most importantly, with big applause. To keep students energetic whole day long, we have had a special arrangement of healthy and nutritious tiffin.

We celebrate the annual sports day every year with some basic objectives in mind:

  • To encourage students’ potentiality in sport activities.
  • To develop a culture of friendly competition.
  • To enhance students’ physical and mental well-being.

Not only this, we have even arranged a little activity of tug of war for all our teaching and non-teaching staffs to encourage them towards the field and take participation in the little fun and enjoyment.

Texibition and the Celebration of National Science Day

It was a time of great creativity and mind blowing innovations as Brainware University celebrated its annual Texibition2K19 at its Barasat campus, on the 28th of February and the 1st of March 2019. With the help of their teachers and mentors, students from the various streams let their imaginations run wild as they concocted various models, items and programs of social relevance and also recreation.

With various other competitions like Buster: The Coding Competition, Ideate, Perfectionist: The Photography Competition, Science Quiz, Gaming Tournaments and many more Texibition 2K19 saw a huge turnout from enthusiastic students making it a grand success. We commend all the students on their creativity and for their efforts and encourage them to continue this strain into the future. The 28th of February also coincided with the National Science Day, which was celebrated with great gusto and eagerness. Professor Barun Roychowdhury, HOD Department of Physics, Presidency University and Professor Shyamal Chakrabarty, Department of Chemistry, Raja Bazar Science College, graced the occasion as chief guests to speak on and elucidate to the audience the contributions of Sir C.V. Raman to the field of science and the social responsibility of science for the betterment of society.

Students' Corner

Chitrabani Library and Archive Visit

Established on 5th October 1970, Chitrabani is the oldest media training institute in Eastern India. Film maestro, late Satyajit Ray was the Advisor of Chitrabani since inception and the founder-member of Chitrabani Society.

To encourage the students to delve deep into the world of films and multimedia, to give them a hand-on experience in film making and to create an academic interest, the Central Library of Brainware University and the Department of Multimedia, organized a visit to Chitrabani Library for the students of the Department of Multimedia and Web on February 12 and 13, 2019.

The visit consists of: Viewing two short films, watching a dubbing session and its technical parts. The dubbing session was from the language of Odia to the language of Bengali, visiting the Chitrabani Library and take a look on its collection on every medium available on Films, and visiting the Chitrabani Archive and learn about the history and evolution of film mediums.

Visit to the sets of DIDI No.1

Around 25 undergraduate students from the Department of Multimedia and Web who took Videography as their specialization visited the sets of Didi No.1's special episode on 14th of February 2019. They had an intimate experience on all the technical specificities of a set and how a shooting takes place. The students reached DRR studio at 2.00 pm. The shooting began at around 4.00 pm and continued till 8.00 pm.

Student Entrepreneur Talk – Series I

Mr. Ashish Ranjan (B Com - 4th Sem. 2nd Year BWU)
  Venture:  developed a prototype KAUSHIKI means Fearless: a device which enables women roam freely. The device works on GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM). It allows women to press the DISTRESS BUTTON whenever Sir feels unsafe or panicked, this device will send the location of that girl to the guardian or the local police with her latitude and longitude details.  

Mr. Shivam Shaw (BBA – 4th Sem. 2nd Year BWU)
  Venture: Martinon E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd is an electronic commerce company based in Kolkata, India Founded by *Shivam Shaw* in 2018, the company initially focused on Fashion, and it's expanding into other product categories such as, consumer electronics, and lifestyle products.

  Mihir Singh (B Com – 4th Sem. 2nd Year BWU)
  Venture: Group Clap is a platform offers online solutions for students need, i.e. internships, promotion of inter college events, training, market and industry exposure etc.

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