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Issue - 14

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February - 2018

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Cover Story

Lokenath Printers

Brainware University often arranges Industry Visit of different kinds to cater to the all-encompassing development, deeper knowledge and hands-on experience of its students. This time the Computer Science and Engineering Department organized one such venture to Lokenath Printers on 16th of February, 2018. Lokenath Printers is a leading printing company in Kolkata. It is a one of the best centres for printing and photocopying, of the present times. BWU feels splendid to have got this opportunity to take its students to such an industrial hub.

The Industry Visit was primarily arranged for the second semester students of BAMW and MAMW. They were supervised under the tutelage of the faculty members, Prataya Ganguly and Gautam Banerjee. The session of the industry visit included live demonstration of CMYK color printer and other various types of printing. The students were shown the different kinds of cutting and binding techniques involved in the process of printing along with its diverse mechanisms. It provided the pupils with a deeper insight about the industry and its working. Moreover, the first-hand participation of the students in other industrial activities made it a very successful event, enabling the young aspirants to gain practical understanding and, thereby, widen their perceptions. Not just academics, we take special care in providing our students with all round training and exposure in our endeavor to make them industry ready.

Campus news

Bhasha Dibosh

Brainware University paid its homage to its cultural roots through the celebration of the 21st of February, 2018. Christened popularly as Bhasha Dibosh, it is day when we pay our respects to our mother tongue, Bangla. This language of great artistic, social and philosophic creations; in this modern world has time and again been neglected in favour of more global approaches, but we at Brainware University made it sure through essay writing competitions, debates and quizzes that the influence and affinity to Bengali that we all have does not ever diminish.

BEC Seminar

On January 27, 2018, an NPTEL seminar was organized as a joint collaborative by Brainware University and Brainware Group of Institution, to decide on the future of NPTEL courses in these institutions. Awards were given to the teachers who have been exceptional in guiding the students in this field. New resolutions were taken for the smooth operation of the next session.

Highlight of the Month

Brainware Book Fair

Books are called Man's best friend, imparting not only knowledge and enjoyment to its reader but also enlightening their minds and broadening their horizon. Keeping with this spirit Brainware University had organized a two day Book Exhibition cum Sale Fair at its Barasat campus on the 20th and 21st of February, 2016. Ranging from literature to statistics, mathematics to mechanics the Fair included not only technical books and covers but also some very well-known comics, classics and story books. It is needless to say that the students had a great time perusing through the piles of white and yellow pages as a crowd of them gathered around the stalls scheming and scanning through them. One of the main objective of this Fair cum Sale was to instil among the students the habit of reading and appreciating books beyond the curriculum. The interest shown by the students on classics like Bronte, Dickens or Eliot along with contemporary figures like Amitav Ghosh and Dr. Shashi Tharoor is manifestation of the moral success of the event.

Students' Corner

Annual Sports

Annual Sports was an event that the students of Brainware University were waiting very eagerly from the very onset of the year. Enthusiastic students took part in a variety of events ranging from different disciplines of athletics to games like Tug of War, Net the Ball, Spoon Race and the quintessential picnic event of Musical Chair. Fierce but fair competition took over the Belghoria Sporting Association ground as the competitors left no stone unturned in their quest for ultimate glory. Instilling in the students qualities like responsibility, discipline, team work and leadership sports and games are one of the foremost ways of enhancing the children’s mental and physical growth. The participants upheld these ideals to the letter while having fun and enjoying themselves under the sun.

The Inter Departmental Tug of War competition drew out the largest cheers from all and sundry as the students heaved and huffed and pulled the ropes that bring them departmental glory. The highlight of the whole day was a friendly match of football between the teachers and the students which the students unfortunately lost by 2 goals to nil—irrespective of the result, it is needless to say that friendship and camaraderie won the day.

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