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Issue - 8

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August - 2017

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A Faculty Development Program, intended to upgrade the teachers about the improved teaching and research methodologies, was organized by Brainware University, in collaboration with the Brainware Group of Institutions, from July 11 to the July 19, 2017. The topic of the program--“Faculty Development Program on Latest Trends and Teaching Methodology”—was pertinent, since in the present era of globalization and technological innovations, it is imperative that the education industry must also imbibe new trends in order to cater to the diverse needs of the students. The program dealt with the technical educational policies, new concepts, innovations, motivation, skills-development and upgradation of pedagogical/educational methodologies and other important issues . The speakers were eminent academicians and industry-experts, such as Prof. Paramartha Dutta, Professor, Dept. of CS, Viswabharati University; Prof. Amlan Chakraborty,Professor and Director, AKCSIT, University of Calcutta; Dr. Probal Sengupta, Alumnus, CTS; Prof. Aditya Bagchi,Professor at ISI/ RKMVU; and Prof. Bhargab Bikram Bhattacharya of ISI. The faculty members have been greatly benefited by the exposure, and we do hope that in future we shall be able to implement the measures and reforms advocated by our eminent guests and speakers, and employ improved methodologies in imparting lessons so that we can make our students ready for their future.

Highlights of the Faculty Development Program

Dr. Prabal Sengupta, CTO, Alumnus, presented a paper on the fifth day of the program, entitled, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.” In a language intelligible to even those without a technical background, he clarified several issues concerning Artificial Intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Professor Paramartha Dutta expressed his views on “Artificial Neural Networks.” Prof. Dutta combined the functioning of the artificial neural network with the human nervous system in highlighting and explaining the path and functions of synaptic signals.

Prof. Bhargab Bikram Bhattacharya, gave a presentation on the topic: “ A Story of Integrated Circuits from Transistors to Smart Chips.” He spoke at length about the composition of Smart-Chips. He also enlightened us about how mobile sim cards employ IC system to function.

Professor Aditya Bagchi delivered a lecture on the topic: “Teaching Database Management System.” He explained Database Management System, and how a database program is the heart of a business information system and facilitates file creation, data entry, update, query and reporting functions.

Professor Amlan Chakrabarti, Prof. and Director AKCSIT Calcutta University, spoke on the topic “Data Compression.” He explained how data compression is particularly useful in communication. Using easy to relate examples he made the audience aware of the various daily-life commodities and equipments that use data compression techniques like digital cameras, DVDs etc. and how they assist in our daily existence.


Brainware Welcomes New Members in the Family

First day at a new University can be a daunting experience for many. But for the new inductees of Brainware University it was a completely different experience. Brainware University conducted a week long Student Orientation Program where the students were provided with information which would help them get accustomed to their new college environment.

Technical session on Information Security & Ethical Hacking- August 25, 2017

In today’s age of technical advancement and innovation, it is imperative to understand the importance of the sanctity of privacy. A threat to national and personal security, hacking can also be an effective tool for mass surveillance, especially in detecting terrorist activities, and preventing casualties. The technical session will be a medium, to raise awareness regarding issues concerning hacking and ethics of hacking.

Brainwarwe Comm Club- A new initiative

Brainware Communication Club held its first meeting on the 16th of August 2017. The Club has been created to provide a common platform to the students as they look to interact with each other and improve their English communication skills as well as develop their personality through fun games and activities.

Uttarbanga Flood Relief Fund

On August 24, 2017, Brainware University organized a Flood-Donation Camp to lend support to the scores of people affected by the flood in North Bengal. The students participated with gusto, collecting funds within and beyond the campus. Not only the program helped generate funds, but also it was an enriching experience for the students, allowing them to associate empathetically with the victims in the flood-affected areas, and build their characters in this process.

Highlights of the month

Fab Labs

Labs are the temples for the budding technical professionals encouraging students to have regular hands-on experiences of what they learn in the classrooms. The activities such as projects and experiments are conducted in a risk-free environment, under the guidance of experienced faculty members and lab-attendants. The Departments of Multimedia and Computer Science have some of our most fabulous laboratories.

Multimedia Labs

Multimedia and Photography Lab provides specialized guidance in Indoor, Fashion and Experimental Photography. With realistic backgrounds and strobe lightings, the lab offers the perfect ambiance for budding photographers and animators to hone their skills. Department of Multimedia and Web Designing also has a Drawing and Sketching Lab , fitted with 30 Light boxes for the various sketching activities which precede animation.

Computer Architecture and Internet Networking Labs

With a ratio of 1 machine per students, the Internet and Networking Lab and Computer Architecture Lab is where Computer Science and Computer Application students learn the basics of computing, chips and drives with their very own hands. Fitted with industry standard equipments to aid the learning of various computer applications like Photoshop, Facemaker, Sound Editing, Pan tables etc., the Design and Animation Lab is where the students acquire extensive training in design related work.

Students Corner

The Academic family at Brainware University is proud to welcome students from diverse backgrounds. We ardently hope that they will feel at home, and be a part of a truly cosmopolitan academic environment.

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