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Issue - 16

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April - 2018

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Cover Story

Re-Fest 2K18

Brainware University’s Barasat campus has always been a hub brimming with activities. From seminars to workshops we offer the students numerous avenues of interactive learning. But as goes the old adage that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, learning is effective only when it is supplemented with activities that allow the students to let off steam after long months of hard academic rigor.

In such an attempt to offer the students a respite from their daily routine and allow them to let loose, a performance from the renowned band M-Sonic was organized on the evening of 23rd April at the University grounds as a follow-up of the Brainware University’s cultural fest Anandadhara 2K18 held previously. As the performers belted out popular numbers one after the other, the campus vibrated with energy and resonated with the cries of the sea of attending students joining in with them. Click! Click! from their smartphones and breathless dancing was the order of the night as the students enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Indeed a night to remember.

Campus news

Fashion Photography Workshop

Brainware University’s premier photography club, Photo Frame, had organized a day long workshop on Fashion Photography under the mentorship of renowned photographer Mr. Arghya Chatterjee, thus spreading its wings further in the quest for being a platform that allows young minds to fuel their passions and learn more about the art they love. The members were informed and given a first-hand experience of the various intricacies of fashion photography, encouraging them to learn more about their hobby of photography, giving light to their dreams of doing what they love in the future.

Library Workshop

The Brainware University Library, which is a great reservoir of e-materials from digital books and journals to video and audio clippings, had organized a one day workshop on Training and Awareness for e-Journals and e-Literature at its Barasat campus. In this digital day and age it is absolutely essential to stay in touch with the wireless network. Chief Guest and speaker Mr. Mahendranath Sarkar, Training Manager, J-Gate Informatics, explained to the attending students and faculty members the advantages of e-media in research and R&D work. The primary goal of the workshop was to increase awareness about digital media and its benefits.

Highlight of the Month

New Sound Lab

Diversity is the need of the hour when it comes to molding a successful professional career. With streams getting scattered and branched out there is becoming room for transforming hobbies into full time jobs. Keeping this in mind Brainware University is continually introducing newer courses and infrastructure to help the students realize their dreams and ambitions. Sound recording and management with all its scopes has become a new craze among the Gen Y leading to lucrative careers in music direction, mixing so on and so forth. The newly erected Sound Lab is one such venture where the students are trained and given a first-hand experience of the various nuances of professional sound recording.

Students' Corner

Communication Club Workshop

Brainware University’s Communication Club, in another of its endeavors, had organized a one-day workshop on Professional Communication Skills at its Barasat campus on the 21st of April 2018. In this dynamic age if there is any skill or attitude that is valued up and above all the others, it is that of Professionalism. The workshop was aimed to help students understand this concept better and to train them in enhancing their communication skills in context of a professional environment.

Under the guidance of the chief guests and speakers, Ms. Pallabi Paul, HR Practitioner, and Mr. Biswajit Roy, TPM, Brainware Group of Institutions, the students gained a vital insight on how to conduct and present themselves in their quest to become an efficient professional.

Through presentations, videos, audio clippings and many more fun ways the workshop culminated into a highly interactive session where the students actively took part in discussions, games and competitions. MCA 2nd semester student Akashdeep Lama Jyrwa was adjudged winner of the Mock Interview competition. Akashdeep made it two for the day as he bagged the Communicative Skills award too, along with fellow MCA compatriot Shreyashree Pal and Pragna Debnath and Asmita Majumdar of BCA 4th Sem and Multimedia 4th Sem respectively. A special Critics Choice award was handed to Diapnjan Chatterjee of MCA 2nd Sem for his fearless mindset and versatile mentality as he endeavored overcome his inhibitions.

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