Spreading the colours of happiness: An outreach activity to help the poor and needy

Spreading the colours of happiness

“Life is a long journey from human being to being humane”- with this idea in mind and to manifold the happiness right after Holi, the department of English and Literary Studies organized an Outreach Activity on March 11, 2023. The outreach activity aimed at spreading joy and happiness among the deprived sections of the society, specifically elderly women and orphans. The outreach was organized in collaboration with Mahajibon NGO at Apnapan Home for Girls, Barrackpore, an Old Age Home and Orphanage under Barrackpore Avenue Women Cultural and Social Welfare Society.

A small group of students went for the outreach along with few teachers from the department to spend quality time with the children and the elderly women. They laughed and played with the children and had cheerful and deep conversation with the women and expressed their empathy towards them. Clothes, books, stationery and commodities of daily usage were donated to them along with some amount in cash.

This outreach was a small attempt by the Department of English and Literary Studies to stretch a hand of hope towards the underprivileged individuals and shower them with the ray of happiness, just to let them know they are not alone.