One-day workshop on “Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking”


Hacking your way through the world

Few skills have captivated the younger generation in this decade like Ethical Hacking. With its ever rising popularity and its acceptance as a viable career option, the department of Cyber Science & Technology organized a one-day workshop on “Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking,” on December15, 2020.

Guest of honour and certified ethical hacker, Mr.SagarNeogi, faculty member & research analyst, ISOEH, started his session by explaining the social responsibilities of hacking. “To be responsible is always very important and the same applies to hacking too,” he said. As he went deeper into the topic various technical aspects of hacking were explained by him. He pointed out different types of SQL injection techniques such as Error based SQL injection, Blind SQL injection, Boolean based SQL injection and Time based SQL injection.

Mr.Neogi’s workshop stood out from the rest as he gave students hands-on training on SQL injection using Kali Linux which helped them understand the techniques of unearthing website loopholes and the ways of extracting database records from those vulnerable sites.

Enthusiastic students responded with numerous questions which were practically explained by Mr.Neogi.The workshop not only helped the students understand one of the most popular technological advances of the 21st century but helped them realise the proper utilisation of this skill-set in the industry as a career.