The application of AI-ML in varied sectors: Online workshop discusses the current scenario and possibilities

The application of AI-ML in varied sectors-358

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) organised a one-day workshop on 'AI-ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Applications in Signal Processing: Research and Innovation Perspective' on December 10, 2022. Dr. Mohammad Azharuddin Laskar, Data Scientist, Armsoftech (Chennai) conducted the workshop.

In the course of the workshop, the students got a basic idea of different types of signals and their analysis in the AI-ML domain. The domain provides tremendous scope for research, innovation, and development owing to growing automation across different sectors.

One must note that at present, the researchers in an almost endless number of fields are embracing AI and ML to develop tools and systems that can predict and adapt to a wide range of changing situations, optimize system performance, and intelligently filter signals.