Top Reasons To Study For A Computer Science Degree Right Now :

Top Reasons To Study For A Computer Science Degree Right Now :

Feature of a good career path


Computer Science has been one of the hottest post  higher secondary subjects, to study in graduation  ever since India became an IT hub from late 90s. Today India has become a digitalized nation and IT or Information Technology sector still remains one of the biggest  employers of India today. Even amidst rumours of mass layoffs, automatons replacing engineers etc, the demand for competent IT specialists, computer science engineers remains high. Today we will discuss a few reasons why studying computer science as a degree remains more lucrative than ever.


Increased chance for lucrative jobs : STEM subjects – Statistics, tech, engineering and Mathematics are undoubtedly the most employable majors out there. We are living in a digital era nowadays and those who have completed graduation in STEM or computer science – the most well known STEM subject will always be in demand, in the coming years as most MNCs need competent graduates with good technical aptitude. For example, Samsung Electronics has announced more than 1000 job openings for computer engineering or IT/ITES graduates this year. These graduates are expected to work in fields like machine learning, artificial intelligence, biometrics etc.


Best of both worlds : Computer Science is a versatile subject that enriches the students both theoretically as well as practically. The CS student will get to learn analytical problems just like a mathematics graduate might and at the same time will also be able to solve practical problems by learning how to program and code.


More Access To High Paying Jobs : Most MNCs need competent software engineering graduates for multiple job roles such as software tester, software developer, project manager, network systems analysts, logic designer etc. According to websites such as Payscale.com software engineers can earn an average of 5 lakhs per annum as a fresher and once they are promoted to project manager or technical consultant they can earn as high as 1, 369, 330 INR per year!


Wide Range of Career Options : A Computer Science degree is a versatile one. Armed with a CS degree you will be able to make yourself eligible for many jobs in several different sectors. Apart from the traditional software engineering/IT jobs  like programming, database management, desktop support etc  there are several other non traditional jobs you will be able to qualify for. Any sector and any job which requires an advanced knowledge about computers will be a job for you.  For example if you are a CS graduate with a knack for biology can venture into the bioinformatics sector. CS degree equips a graduate with analytical skills and coding skills which helps in any career in the long run, as it bequeaths you with a knack for problem solving.


So your employability gets a big boost if you are a CS major. If you are looking for an affordable and high quality computer science or engineering course in West Bengal, Brainware University , Kolkata offers both a Btech as well as a Bsc ( Honours) in Computer Science. Unique advantages of these courses include opportunity to obtain international certifications such as Microsoft RedHat and Oracle, hands on training in Java SE7, Database Administration, Android application etc through state of the art laboratories and a pre placement team that equips the grads with essential soft skills so that they become highly employable graduates with sound technological knowledge and optimum communication skills.



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