Planning to pursue BSc. in Multimedia & Animation: Check these FAQs and their answers

Planning to pursue BSc. in Multimedia & Animation: Check these FAQs and their answers

bsc multimedia and animation

In today’s digital era, BSc in Multimedia & Animation is one of the most sought-after courses among students. It is an undergraduate course that offers advanced knowledge in the field of multimedia, visual communication, VFX, 2D and 3D animation. This course is perfect for students who have interest in animation techniques, art and designing technology, digital film production techniques and more.

As one of the top private universities in West Bengal, we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions about BSc(Hons) Multimedia and Animation:

Question 1: What is BSc in Multimedia and animation?

Answer: Our BSc(Hons) Multimedia and Animation degree programme is a 3-year undergraduate programme. Students from other states come to study multimedia and animation at Brainware University because we offer:

    • Training by the leading production house professionals
    • Laboratory sessions and workshops
    • Intensive training for placement
    • Industry visits

Question 2: What are the subjects in multimedia and animation?

Answer: BSc in Multimedia & Animation syllabus covers following aspects:

    • Fundamentals of art and design
    • Sketching and drawing
    • Digital designing and illustration
    • Printing technology
    • Digital photography
    • Advanced art and design
    • Digital photography and image editing
    • Video editing
    • Motion picture
    • Sound designing
    • Responsive designing
    • Cinematic script writing
    • Advanced digital photography

Question 3: What can students do after BSc animation and Multimedia?

Answer: BSc in Multimedia & Animation has good scope in the multimedia industry. students can work various fields as

    • Flash animator
    • Art director
    • Technical director
    • VFX supervisor
    • 3D modeler
    • Texturing artist.

Question 4: What is the duration of the BSc Animation and Multimedia Course?

Answer: BSc in Multimedia & Animation is a 3 year programme. During this period, students are trained by highly qualified and experienced faculty members. As the reputed Multimedia & Animation College in Kolkata, we offer intensive work and laboratory sessions to our students. We offer the best guidance to our students so that they can excel in the field. We prepare our students in a way that by the end of the course they are industry-ready.

Question 5: Is there any entrance exam for BSc animation?

Answer: There is no entrance examination for BSc animation. Students need to have 50% marks or equivalent grade in your 12th examination.

Question 6: What kind of placement facilities are available at Brainware University?

Answer: At Brainware University, we offer pre-placement training to our students in various forms such as:

    • ICT based language training
    • Personality development training
    • Reasoning and analytical skills training
    • Mock written tests
    • Mock group discussion

In 2020, we had recorded 97% placement while in 2021 it was 98%. Our recruiters include companies such as Cognizant, DigiToonz, and Spirited Brio.


Question 7: Why study at Brainware University?

Answer: Here are some of the reasons to choose Brainware University.

    • We offer high quality learning experience at an affordable rate.
    • We have professionally qualified and well experienced faculty.
    • We offer hands-on training on various animation techniques.
    • Our laboratory has modern amenities so that our students can have the best experience during their course in animation and multimedia.

To know more about our BSc in Multimedia & Animation programme, consult our experienced academic counselors.


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