India- Fighting and Surviving the Second Wave

India- Fighting and Surviving the Second Wave

Corona Virus

India is facing a time that nobody could ever predict. The second wave of Novel Coronavirus has changed the entire world scenario. In the last quarter of 2020, even India gradually started to cope up with this mutating virus, the second wave with the third mutant virus has disrupted the whole country and its mortality rate is higher than
the first wave. 
From mid-April, 2021, the increasing numbers were vivid. According to The Hindu “Since April 3, India has been consistently recording the highest number of daily cases globally, surpassing the U.S. and Brazil on an average. India now accounts for one in every six new global cases. The last time India led the world in daily cases was during the first wave in September.”
The reason why the second wave occurred 
What exactly caused the second wave is unknown however, this second wave could have been triggered by a few new strains of the corona virus including the UK virus, South Africa virus, and the double mutant. These mutants of corona virus are very infectious and have a high R-value (the number of people who can be infected from
one person). two other reasons why the second wave has spread like wildfire are –

  1. People’s apathy towards COVID-19 precautions like not wearing masks, not washing hands, not using sanitizers. (pandemic fatigue)
  2. Large-scale congregations especially during the election season and for certain ceremonies. The 18-45 age group, who supposedly has strong immunity, is susceptible. This group has been classified as the COVID-19 super-spreader. 
    How to keep ourselves safe from the new COVID-19 wave. The same precautions as before(1st wave) will help to prevent the spread of this deadly virus –
     Wear an N95 mask and a surgical mask over it. Stay masked the whole time you are outside. 
     Sanitize your hands when you touch a high-contact surface or any object outside your home.
     Wash your clothes and disinfect anything you were wearing/carrying when you went out. 
     Get vaccinated as soon as you can. The COVID vaccine reduces the chances of getting infected and even if you do, the infection will not be serious.

Standing at this point when the second wave has started to decrease, scientists are extremely worried about the third wave. According to them “Mostly in the winter, sometime in the end of November or early December (this year). Ensuring that all the vulnerable are vaccinated before the festive season of Diwali is important to save as
many lives, the next wave will affect mostly younger age groups”

Speaking on the factors that could precipitate the third wave in India, the experts said, “Even though, in the second wave, a fairly large number of people could have been infected, there are also those that remain untested, people who are generally asymptomatic and infected. These are the people who are going to remain immune for at least 6 months. However, they will begin to lose immunity towards that period.

So, that is when we need to have our vaccination program well-underway, as even if they begin to lose their immunity, they should not remain susceptible to catch the virus. “Vaccination among the children is the utmost priority of the hour. To fight the 3rd wave, or more precisely to prevent the third wave, vaccination is the only remedy.

Observing the COVID-19 protocol at all times is need of the hour. As responsible citizens, let’s help out each other in these crucial and challenging times. India has overcome the previous wave too. Stay indoors, stay safe.

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