Data Scientist : Need of Industry

Data Scientist : Need of Industry

Data Scientist, software engineering, BTech In computer science

Data Scientist: Need of Industry

Harvard Business Review, defined this job as ‘the sexiest job’ of the 21st century’’.  We are talking about the data scientist job, the demand for which has grown with the onset of IT boom. According to reports of The Economic Times, the Analytics/Big Data industry in India is slated to grow to $ 16billion revenues by 2025 at a compound growth rate of 26%.  Moneycontrol.com predicts that India will have about 80-90,000 vacancies for data scientists by 2018.  According to Pay scale starting salary for Data Scientists can be anything from 7-8 Lakhs, and according to India.com with 6-10 years of experience, data scientists depending on their skills, and recommendations can earn in 6 figures (75-80 Lakhs) !!

Data Scientist, software engineering, BTech In computer science

Typically, data scientists are expected to have a good knowledge of statistics, Machine Learning, BI Tools, programming languages like R Python. Freshers generally start as data analysts and work with data (back office) using tools such as SQL, Linux and programming languages such as R Python. With requisite experience, one can proceed to become a business analyst – who not only handles Data but also communicates directly with stakeholders. This position requires domain skills, and expertise with visualizations tools like Tableau and Excel. After attaining seniority, one can go to become a data scientist – one who compiles and analyzes a firm’s data to deliver concrete solution to business problems.

So if you have a head for numbers, a love for analytics and dream of a cushy job then data science can indeed be your calling.




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